Girl's Lacrosse Training Programs

Individual Training

Individual training are private lessons one-on-one with players.  These sessions are designed to work individually with players in areas they need to develop and improve.  I have worked individually with elementary, middle school, high school, collegiate aged girls.  These lessons are more customized on the individual and their ability.

Small and Large Group Training

Small group training consists of 3 or more players. The small group training allows for more game like practice and development, but is designed to still provide more personal attention during the lesson

Large Group training consists of 6-12 players and allows for more game like coaching: working on positioning, field utilization, defense and offense strategies, as well as field movement.

School Training

School training is offered to schools looking to improve the overall skills of their players.  This is normally held on site, just for the student athletes of the school.  This can be very valuable in creating teamwork, helping the coach with player positions, and have the players understand their appropriate positions on the lacrosse field. 

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